Summer Braces Color Ideas

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Dental Care

Did you know that each time you visit the orthodontist for an adjustment, it’s often a chance to choose new colors for your braces? Choosing your braces colors shouldn’t be routine, it should be fun! Read on for some summer braces color ideas to match the season of fun in the sun.

The Sky’s the Limit

Years ago, only a few braces color options were available, but today many orthodontists are able to offer a full rainbow of color options to suit your every mood, idea, or whim. With so many color options available, why not try something new each visit? Just imagine the fun you could have experimenting with new colors!

What are “Your” Colors?

When deciding which summer braces color ideas to start with, we recommend starting with “your” colors. What’s your favorite color to wear? What color are your eyes? There’s often a reason why you like to wear the colors that you do. Usually it’s because they compliment your favorite features (such as your eyes). Your favorite color is often the easiest place to start when choosing colors for your braces. But don’t hesitate to branch out from there!

Mixing and Matching

One of the easiest ways to begin to branch out and experiment with new colors is to mix and match another color (or more!) with your favorite color. Our favorite summer braces color ideas are the ones our patients come up with on their own! Go bold with brights, or soft with pastels, or try all different shades of blue to match the summer sky, or maybe ask if you can get a rainbow of colors!

Finding Inspiration

When you’re looking for summer braces color ideas, inspiration can be found anywhere! If you’re going on vacation, you could do the colors of the flag that represent your destination. If you play sports, try sporting your favorite team’s colors. Or if a cause or charity is close to your heart, you could show your support by borrowing their colors. Holidays can also be a fun source of color inspiration, too. For the Fourth of July, red, white, and blue are popular choices. Inspiration really is everywhere!

If you’re having a tough time deciding which color to choose, ask your orthodontist what other patients have chosen recently — and then add your own creative flair, if you’d like! The important thing is simply to have fun expressing yourself.

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