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iTero Element 2

Our office utilizes the latest intraoral scanning technology. We said goodbye to goopy impressions and hello to fast and comfortable digital scanning technology. With the iTero, our staff is able to scan a patient in less than 5 minutes. After the scan, we have an instant virtual model of your teeth to make retainers, bracket trays, and many other orthodontic appliances.

The iTero has a small, hand-held wand that takes detailed images of the inside of your mouth, eliminating the need for old school gooey impressions. The iTero takes hundreds of pictures of a patient’s mouth before the images are sent to the monitor and within seconds, puts them all together to get a full virtual image.

In House 3D Printing

After your digital scan, one of our 3D printers will be utilized to create a physical model of your teeth. These models are printed right here in our office. After they are printed, our lab is able to custom make retainers and other necessary orthodontic appliances.
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