Do You Have the Holiday Braces Blues?

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Cosmetic Dentistry

The holidays are upon us! Time for decorating, parties, and dinners with family and friends! Are you excited? Or do you have the holiday braces blues? If you’re feeling blue, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Holidays with Braces

Celebrating the holidays with braces might make you feel anxious at first, but when you know how to navigate braces care during the holidays, it becomes easier to enjoy the festivities without worry. The most important things to know are how to keep your braces safe and your smile healthy so that you can focus on having fun with family and friends.

Brace-Safe Food and Treats

Do you have the holiday braces blues because you’re worried about missing out on your favorite holiday treats? We’ve got good news for you then! There are so many other treats that are braces-safe, we wouldn’t be surprised if you find a few new favorites!

Foods that should be avoided when you have braces include any foods that are hard, crunchy, chewy, sticky, or things that you bite directly into (like a caramel apple or corn on the cob). “What’s left?” you might be wondering.

Lots of tasty options! Mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, candied yams, sweet potato and marshmallow casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, apple pie, cream pies, custard, puddings, and so many more holiday treats are braces-safe!

Decorate Your Braces!

Another great way to boost your spirit if you have the holiday braces blues is to decorate your braces for the season! Have fun with your braces!

Next time you choose the colors for your braces bands, consider choosing fresh and festive new color combos that fit the colors of the season! From brilliant fall colors like orange and red to traditional red and green, to hues of blue that match the frosty cold mornings, you’re sure to find something that feels festive and shows off your sense of style.

Do you have the holiday braces blues still or are you starting to feel some holiday cheer? We hope our holiday braces tips boosted your holiday spirit a little. And remember, you won’t have braces forever — soon you’ll have a new smile that will make all your hard work worth it!

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